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how we work

Simpler is better

Reject complexity: aim for impactful and efficient results by simplifying problems.

People matter

Being excellent to each other is a skill that no amount of technical knowledge can replace.

Continuous improvement

Deliver often. Build trust. Acknowledge what doesn't work. Organize to improve. Repeat.

what we do


We have helped kickstart new projects with a solid architecture, refactored legacy applications, move to serverless infrastructure…

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Serverless radically simplifies creating and hosting modern applications. This is why null maintains Bref, an open-source project for serverless PHP applications.

We provide support and consulting around Bref.

Serverless training

We offer on-site and remote training about serverless application architecture.

Not ready for a full training yet? Check out Serverless Visually Explained, an online interactive course to learn about serverless.