We help dev teams work better.

how we work

Simpler is better

Designing complex solutions can be fun, but settling for it is not good enough. We want to produce impactful and efficient results by simplifying problems.

People matter

Development is more than writing code. Long lasting results and meaningful work cannot happen without humans collaborating. Being excellent to each other is a skill that no amount of technical knowledge can replace.

Continuous improvement

There are no silver bullets. Efficiency, trust and quality all require time and willpower. We need to look at what works, acknowledge what doesn't, and organize to improve. Always.

what we do

Consulting and development

We have helped new teams find their marks, refactored legacy codebases, kickstarted new projects with good architectures…

Let's discuss working together?


Running PHP applications should be simple, and serverless is a good candidate for that. This is why null is creating and maintaining the Bref open source project.

We provide support and consulting around Bref: get in touch.


We provide on-site training about serverless infrastructure and application architecture.

Check out our serverless workshops or get in touch to learn more and see how it can benefit your team.


Coding standards are supposed to make development more straightforward, but they often turn into a hurdle. PrettyCI runs PHP code style standards automatically and as fast as possible.